There is a revolution happening in fatherhood and it is an amazing movement. We live in a unique time. More people are writing and sharing their life experiences, than have ever previously in all of human history. The fact that we, as a race, are publishing more every day than we have previously published in the history of time means this revolution should not come as a surprise, but it does.

The image of fatherhood has changed in the last thirty years. Fathers and fatherhood have been portrayed poorly in traditional media, sitcoms, the courts, and just about any other publishing platform. All often portray dads as slackers. There are so few television shows that portray fathers as being involved in their family, staying married, helping to raise their children and being good MEN, that it is really not surprising a revolution has developed in new media around fatherhood.

I did not know the revolution existed when I started the project that led to the writing this book. I just knew there had to be other dads out there that shared my passion for being a father and a good man, and I wanted to prove that they existed. When I started this project, I didn’t know there was a movie being produced “The Evolution of Dad.” I didn’t know there was a major web site targeting dads being releaseed by Proctor and Gamble called “Man of the House” or that Chris Brogan had a site Dad-O-Matic. I didn’t know there was a former securities broker who had gotten divorced, lost his life to booze before becoming a “Good Man” and started “The Good Men Project.” I didn’t know about all the amazing individuals like CC Chapman, Jim Turner, Drew Bennett, Chris Singer, Chris Lewis, Josh Becker, and all the other dads I’ve met and interviewed.

When I started blogging I didn’t know I was participating in something called “Daddy Blogging,” and when I conceived of a project to highlight dads in a positive light showing that they are not the baboons, the media portrays them to be, I also didn’t know dads were already beginning to speak via New Media and working to change the discourse. I also don’t believe that most of the men doing this blogging realized at first that they were participating in a revolution, but it didn’t take them long to realize it indeed was.

The men of this revolution mostly all began blogging for the same reason: to talk about fatherhood. There was an opportunity to talk with other men who were going through the same experience of fatherhood, and share it via a somewhat anonymous medium. The medium provides the ability to talk freely about your experience and see how others are dealing with the same issues without the need to hide behind the legendary stoic masculine veil. The men featured in this book all came on board to share their experience in fatherhood with me and I thank them for it. It is their experiences that made this book possible.

Before getting started

91.3% of dads who took the survey are currently married and they spend an average of 25.7 hrs per week with their wives.
On a scale of 1-10, dads rate children at 8.2 in importance to having a happy life. There are 2.1 children in every home and 53.7% of households, the first child is male. 55.5% of households only have male or female children. Dads spend an average of 17 hours with their children on weekends and an additional 22 hours with their children during the rest of the week. The total time dads are spending with their family each week is 64.7 hours.

These stats were gathered from the DADvocate survey which had 506 participants and was administered via social media. All other statistics, charts, and diagrams that appear in this book are also products of The DADvocate Project.

The interviews that make up most of this book are quoted mostly verbatim. I have taken the liberty to edit sentence structure so that they read better because the spoken word comes across slightly differently than the written work. I have done my best to maintain the integrity and intent of the original work.


10 Secrets to Being an Involved Father Copyright © 1970 by Kevin Metzger. All Rights Reserved.


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