We never get lessons in Fatherhood other than observing our own dad and maybe some friend’s fathers. It’s not taught in schools and television doesn’t portray a positive image of dads. Most of us don’t even read the fathering books for a new born when we can get the detailed Cliff notes from our wives and when we do pick up those books they always seam to be loaded with a lot of touchy-feely stuff that doesn’t give concert direction.

What if you could know what the web’s top dad bloggers know about being an involved father?

What if there were ten things you could do to have a better then average chance your children will turn out great?

My story-

I’m an involved Dad and I’m very proud of that fact. I’ve been involved for the last 8 years and I can probably extend that back to the loss of our first pregnancy almost 10 years ago. I’ve always been involved and I’ve always been proud but about three years ago an event happened in my life that triggered a conscious decision to be an actively involved dad.

You see my wife told me she was pregnant with our third child and on the night I was going to tell my best friend about it he told me he was leaving his wife and children.
The details of that situation are irrelevant except that I told him if we had any chance of staying friends then he would have to stay actively involved with the children. He didn’t and  that cemented in me the desire to be the best husband I could be and that I further wanted to be an excellent dad.

That was also the same time I began blogging. It was February of 2009 and I had started the blog My Spelling Sucks. This is an unedited discussion of my ADD and Dyslexia, and my Daughters Cerebral Palsy.  On April 27th of that year I wrote the blog post Seven Years. It was a reflection on where I was in life after having lost my first child at 22 week and then Seven Years later I had two daughters, and a baby on the way.

A friend of my wife’s read the blog post after having lost a child and told my wife about it. My wife turned the article into the East Cobber’s father of the year contest. I won and crowned The East Cobber 2009 Father of the year. I don’t know if I was deserving but I do know I was proud and humbled.
I wanted to do something with the honor.

Then one day on my way home from Home Depot I thought up the term DADvocate and felt it describe the type of dad I try to be and the type of men I wanted to become friendly with.

That led to the DADvocate Project. I had high aspirations of changing the way the press perceived dads. I decided I would do a survey and series of interviews. While I haven’t dropped those aspirations I’ve since realized that it’s going to take the work of many to change perceptions and I’m excited to have learned that there is a large community of Dad bloggers who are all  working consciously or unconsciously to change the media’s perception of fatherhood. These guys are all DADvocates.

So basically I’ve spent the last two years studying Dads. I have a survey of 50+ questions that was taken by 500+ dads and I’ve interviewed 20 of them.

This book takes my passion for fatherhood, the research I’ve completed and the interviews I’ve conducted as a study of fathers in 2010-2011 and extracts the SECRETS OF BEING AN INVOLVED FATHER.

Based on

  • Interviews Conducted with the Web’s Top Dad Bloggers
  • Tips from Single Dads, Stay At Home Dads, Work at home dads and Working fathers.

This book is the culmination of the thoughts and biggest successes these dads have had in parenting.

If you would like to read the remainder of this book Click Here to purchase and get access to both a down loadable PDF and the HTML versions.


10 Secrets to Being an Involved Father Copyright © 1970 by Kevin Metzger. All Rights Reserved.


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