I’ve spent a lot of time recognizing the dads of TheDADvocateProject.com in this work and I can’t thank everyone who participated in the project enough. I’ve put together the results of the project in a couple of forms including blog posts and an auto responder that gives you all the ways I’ve sliced and diced the data. It’s free if you sign up for the emails and I consider it a thank you to everyone who participated. If you have questions you think the data might answer I’m happy to run the data just ask.

There are two dads who really went above and beyond in supporting me and this project. They are Chris Singer who encouraged me and helped to make sure the spelling and grammar in this book is not atrocious, and Danny Grubb who helped get the data into usable form for analysis. Without the help of these two awesome men and dads I would never have produced this work.


10 Secrets to Being an Involved Father Copyright © 1970 by Kevin Metzger. All Rights Reserved.


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