The content in this bonus chapter is all derived from the results of the DADvocate Project.

The questions on the DADvocate survey looked at how dads spend their time, how they are involved with their family, significant other and children, how they spend time in the community, what are their physical and religious commitments, do they do the household budgeting and how much do they spend. All these questions and many more are answered in the following statistics and this chapter provides an overview of today’s DADvocate Revolutionary.


The average age of the DADvocate Revolutionary is 39.2. 52% of DADvocates have used drugs but 75% do not have a tattoo. 63% of dads do not gamble at all. The average dads hangs out with the guys 1.4 times per month but 54% of dads claim to hang out with the guys 1 or more times per month. Approximately 52% of dads will have 1 or more drinks at a social gathering, 16% might have glass with dinner or during a football game. 12% claim to have 1 or 2 drinks daily and less than 2% claim to have more than 2 drinks daily. Oh and 14% don’t drink at all.


A small majority of dads identify themselves politically as Independent (23.7%) followed by Democrat (22.3%) then by conservative(18.18%). 68% of Dads claim a different political party from their father.







Dad’s participate in so many organizations in our communities that the best way to present it is via this Wordle. This was put together by entering the list of organization dad’s listed on The DADvocate Survey. It’s really quite an impressive list.

Hobbies, keep us sane and today’s DADvocate practice a large variety of hobbies. The largest number of dads listed Reading but that was followed pretty closely by Writing, Photography and Blogging.

Speaking of Reading –  34% of dads read 1 or more hours per day. The chart below shows what type of content dads are reading by how much time they spend reading. The most interesting and telling thing about this chart is that dads are reading blogs more than any other content type. This is evidence of New Medias influence in general and helps to prove that the DADvocate Revolution is influencing the conversation on fatherhood.

The average dad takes in between 30 minutes and 2 hrs daily of television which is also about the average time their children spend watching TV according to the survey.


The survey did not ask about divorce but rather if dads are currently married.  91.3% of dads are currently married and they spend an average or 25.7 hrs per week with their wives.


On a scale of 1-10 dads rate children at 8.2 in importance to having a happy life. There are 2.1 children in every home and  53.7% of households, first child is male. 55.5% of households only have male or female children but not both. Dads spend an average of 17 hours with their children on weekends and an additional 22 hours with their children during the rest of the week. The total time dads are spending with their family each week is 64.7 hours.


You might ask how dads spend that time with their children, well above is a look at the activities they do with their kids. And it’s no secret that dads love sports, but they also spend their time telling stories, going to the park, movies, doing crafts, cooking, playing board games, and going to museums.



Children in the home of DADvocates watch television for an average of 1.4 hours each day. They spend 1.2 hours a day on the computer and 54 minutes playing video games. Additionally children are participating in sports:

Unfortunately in 11.5% of the father’s homes there is a child with a disability. The average severity of the disability is 4.4 on a scale of 1 -10.

Without trying to be crewed you can not talk about family without discussing how much sex there is in a relationship. The biggest question that all dads want answered is how often does the average dad have sex and the answer is 2-5 times per month.


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