Hobbies are great. They provide an outlet for stress relief and they keep us interesting and young. The DADvocate survey asked dads about the hobbies they participate in and the list is below. And while hobbies are great for your sanity, they are also a great way to relate to your children. If you involve your children in your hobbies then they 1) have a new way of relating to you and 2) can grow an understanding of how to develop their own interests. Involving your children in your hobbies helps them develop a better understanding of who you are and you’ll have the chance to better understand your children as their own interests develop. That said it’s a great idea to encourage your children to involve you in their hobbies as well

Dads Hobbies



John Taylor

John is @TheDaddyYoDude on twitter and he writes about his parenting experiences at http://thedaddyyodude.blogspot.com/.

Kevin:   Can you tell us a little bit about your kids?johnTaylor

John:  Caleb, my son, he’s three.  He’s very, very big into anything Toy Story right now. We took him to the movies for the first time actually to see Toy Story 3 and he surprised us by actually sitting still for most of the time. He’s very, very active. He loves to get outside and play basketball, play football, anything related to a ball.

Marlee is definitely the calmer of the two, that’s my daughter. She likes to be daddy’s girl a lot and just sit around and make me look at how precious she is.  She’s very good at doing that. She’s becoming a lot more active now, just started walking really well recently.  She’s now chasing her brother around and giving him a fit. 

Kevin:  What’s one of your favorite experiences you’ve had with your kids so far?

John:  I think one of my favorites, and it’s one of these things that it always continues to be a favorite – I play guitar just kind of as a hobby and have for a long time. And it’s become one of those things now, especially since my daughter is older and is kind of into that bouncing up and down type dancing and listening to music.

When my wife has gone shopping or doing whatever she’s doing that we sit around and I’ll get the guitar out and play and my son thinks that he can sing anything and he’ll sit there and squeal and sing and she dances and it’s always just such a fun time. For us it’s sitting around and goofing off and getting some play time in.  It’s always one of those things that if they’re getting way too grouchy and I don’t know what else to do, it’s one of those things I know I can always do to calm it down – it always turns into such a great experience.

Kevin:   What’s one of the biggest successes that you’ve had so far as a parent?

John:  I guess I’ve taught my son a lot of the words that he knows and recognition of things. Recently I’ve got him being able to spell out his own name, things like that. I really don’t know what my biggest success would be.


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