About the Revolution:

How do you know a revolution is happening?

All revolutions start with a movement. The movement is Dad bloggers. It’s interesting to see comments on dad blogs talking about the revolution in Fatherhood. You occasionally will see a guy pop in and say why don’t you just shutup and do your job as a father like all of us have done before you or something of that nature. That guy is right about one thing Fathers have been doing this job since the beginning of the animal kingdom. What that guy is missing is an understanding of the value of sharing the stories of fatherhood. He obviously didn’t benefit from other men’s experiences. The recording of all the stories from all the men out there is the movement.

The value of the movement is shown in the massive numbers that have emerged in the last two years. At the time of this writing there are 475 listings for Moms and 125 listings for dads on Altop. The Mommy blogging industry is almost 10 years old. The Daddy blogging industry is in it’s second year as a recognized industry and category. On Google if you search blogs for the topic of dad you get 262,000,000 versus 334,000,000 for mom. These numbers are not intended to compare the mommy and daddy blogger industries but rather to point out the amazing growth in an industry that is starting up and to show the strength of the DADvocate Revolution.

For more detail here are some trend graphs comparing the terms dad and mom, daddy and mommy, mother and father, and motherhood and fatherhood. One of the most interesting things about theses charts is the mom oriented term occurs more often in every scenario except for when comparing mommy and daddy. We’d expect the mom oriented terms to occur more often again this is not about comparing the two terms to see what occurs more but rather a way at looking at the upward trend in dad terms any how the trend compares to the upward trend in mom terms which has always been more prevalent. If it’s not obvious below the peaks in the mom and dad terms are around mothers and fathers days respectively.

Trendistics Graphics

(NOTE on Graphs Both Trendistics and Google analytic are embeddable, therefore I believe I can use the graphics as long as I give credit.)



This set is from Google Trends





The DADvocate project interviews and statistics work together with the Daddy blogger revolution to prove there is a revolution in fatherhood.  Before we get to the specific survey statistic that examine the DADvocate of  2010,  and before we begin to listen to the voice of the DADvocate Revolution, lets first look at some other web based statistics provided to the DADvocate Project by eMarketer.com.


This is such an interesting chart I had to present it. In 2010 Izea produced this very interesting graph. When looking at this graph along with the other graphs presented in this section. 1) you notice that the Family and Parenting category makes almost double the other categories presented 2) the category does not indicate just mom which is because there is such a strong trend towards dads being included in that broad category.


Another strong indicator is the mom blogging conferences are now parent blogger conferences. A leader in this transition is the conference formerly known as TypeAMom has completely repositioned itself as the TypeAParent conference. They are also partnered with Blog World Expo this year to present a parent track (full disclosure, I’m presenting at Blog World and intend to sell an ebook version of this book through The TypeAParent book store.) TypeA is not the only formerly mom blogger conference that has opened it’s doors to dads.

The first all dad conference was M3 in September of 2010. It unfortunately did not go over very well but it did contribute to a Dad blog discourse. There is another dad conference scheduled for early 2012 that is sure to do much better Dad2.0.




One point I’ll make here and again at the end is the available research is limited. The work I did is great but it is not the professional work that I would like to se done or would be ca Abel of doing with the resources  to be done by researchers that are technically skilled at and trained in doing research. I’m just a guy who wanted validation that there were other good dads like him out there. A guy who is committed to family, works and likes to hang out with friends. One who wants to continually get better. I happen to have a strange hobby which includes research and blogging and I have some skill at excel although even that is limited. As my wife likes to point out about my work “why should anyone listen to me?”  my answer is this work I’m about to present but I readily admit that I don’t have the right skill sets to do the type of analysis of twitter trends google +1 and facebook likes. I can’t afford the tools that would let me analyze those trends. I do believe the evidence I’ve put forth here shows a revolution. It also validates the need for further study.


If you would like to see more stories like this and want the results of the 2010-2011 survey simply sign up for he auto responder by clicking here.


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